The Guappecartò were born in Perugia as street musicians in 2004.

During one of their performances the famous actress Madeleine Fischer – a collaborator of Antonioni, Sordi, Anna Magnani, Bergman – fallen in love with themartistically and asked them to compose a soundtrack for one of her upcoming film.

The creation of those pieces led young artists to decide to totally believe in their abilities.

They left for Paris, with the intent to more easily reach the streets and squares of all Europe, driven by the only desire to play their instruments and share their music with as many people as possible.

TheGuappecartò immediately made themselves loved not only by the public they met, but also by critics and musicians who found in them a very high sense of stylistic freedom and a profound musical poetry.

12 years after their birth, Guappecartò have released 3 records and performed more than 1500 concerts throughout Europe.

Their album Rockamboles (April 2015), produced by Stefano Piro, has reached its third reprint and has been represented in 70 concerts throughout Italy. Acclaimed by critics, he was chosen as the record of the week by Radio Rai’s Fahrenheit program.

They made the soundtrack for the film La Gatta Cenerentola shown at the 74th Venice International Film Festival (2 David di Donatello, Nastro d’argento e Ciak d’oro 2018).

Their latest album entitled Sambol, amore migrante, out on October 18, will be presented on November 26th at the Cafe de la danse in Paris.