The Syntax Ensemble was born in 2018 in Milan as an outcome of the encounter between the composer and conductor Pasquale Corrado, the composer Maurilio Cacciatore and the cellist Michele Marco Rossi. It’s a new group for contemporary music, already established as a non-profit association.

The ensemble gathers some of the best musicians throughout the national and European musical landscape: Valentina Coladonato (soprano), Francesco D’Orazio (violin), Michele Marco Rossi (cello), Maruta Staravoitava (flute), Marco Ignoti (clarinet), Anna D’Errico (piano), Dario Savron (percussions), Maurilio Cacciatore (electronics), Pasquale Corrado (conductor).

Unique features of the ensemble are putting together internationally well-known soloists, as well as offering high quality and original artistic proposals in its concerts, dealing with high caliber international repertoires.

In 2019 the ensemble made its debut during the first concert season in the prestigious Dal Verme theatre in Milan, meeting an immediate great public approval and critical acclaim. It played as ensemble in residence for the final concerts of the international composition masterclasses held at the Conservatory G.Verdi in Milan and at the Festival Pontino 2019 (Sermoneta, province of Latina).