“I think you are a fantastic trio.” This is what Antonio Meneses, cellist from the famous ‘Trio Beaux Arts’, said about the Trio Metamorphosi, composed of Mauro Loguercio and the two brothers Angelo and Francesco Pepicelli.

Other illustrious representatives of chamber music, from Renato Zanettovich, Trio of Trieste (“A magnificent Schubert, you are extremely compelling”) to Bruno Giuranna (“A great trio, the cohesion among the instruments is absolutely rare, it was a pleasure to listen to you. Very good!”), were also very flattering about the group.
The name of the Trio is a tribute to the continuous process of change, which is so necessary in the artistic field. And it intends to emphasize the progressive growth of a complex chamber ensemble, never enslaved by habit, indeed, always ready to play with the willto to create unicit prospectsin each performance.
The three musicians also boast previous top-level chamber music experience: duo (cello and piano), string quartet, and collaborations with artists including Magaloff, Pires and Meneses himself. They have performed in many of the most prestigious auditoria in the world, from the Philharmonic in Berlin to the Scala in Milan, the Salle Gaveau in Paris to the Suntory Hall in Tokyo, and from Carnegie Hall in New York to the Coliseum in Buenos Aires.
At the recording level, the Trio Metamorphosi is part of the DECCA catalogue. With this prestigious label, they recorded the unabridged edition for Schumann’s trio (the first CD was released in October 2015, while the second came out exactly one year later, in October 2016). They have had many reviews published which have all been truly flattering.
In 2017 the CD DECCA “Scotland” was published, with a selection of Scottish Arias and Lieder by Haydn and Beethoven, in collaboration with the mezzo-soprano Monica Bacelli, while from January 2019 to June 2021 it was the turn of the new four-CD recording project of the complete Beethoven piano trios (first recording by an Italian trio in the entire history of the DECCA label).
In the summer of 2021, to seal the Beethovenian integral, a new and unexpected landing brings the Trio Metamorphosi to the stage in the show “Beethoven in Vermont” written by Maria Letizia Compatangelo, in which the three musicians interpret – also acting – the two Busch brothers and Rudolf Serkin on the eve of the inaugural concert of the famous Marlboro Festival.
The metamorphosis continues.