On 4th November Sentieri Selvaggi will be guest at Festival Milano Musica for two amazing concerts at Teatro Elfo Puccini dedicated to Luca Francesconi, one of the most appreciated composer.

Program I concert at 7 o’clock p.m.

Luca Francesconi – Insieme II (2016) for six instruments
Luciano Berio – Folk Songs (1964) for mezzosoprano and seven performers
O King (1968) for mezzosoprano and five instruments
Franco Donatoni – Arpège (1986) for six instruments
Luca Francesconi – Da capo II (2007) for eight instruments

Program II concert at 9 o’clock p.m.:

Luciano Berio – O King (1968) for mezzosoprano and five instruments
Luca Francesconi – Time, real and imaginary (2009) for soprano, flute, clarinet, vibrafono and cello, First Performance in Italy
Daedalus (2017) for flute and ensemble

Cristina Zavalloni, mezzosoprano
Carlo Boccadoro, conductor